The Antlers - Pitchfork TV

Honestly, I do not understand how the members of The Antlers can perform the tracks off 'Hospice' day in and day out and continue on with life. The album is perfect, it was my favorite album in 2009. So sad, beautiful, therapeutic, frustrating, every extreme emotion that you can think of. Here they are performing the first two tracks from Hospice, 'Kettering' and 'Shiva'. Both tracks stray from the album versions slightly, very chilling...great performances.


The Ted Lindsay Award

That's right bitches. There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Terrible Ted Lindsay. The Lester B Pearson Award will be renamed The Ted Lindsay Award on Thursday at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It is a huge honor to have my Grandpa get the NHL Player's Association MVP Award. Every member of the NHLPA voted on who the award who to rename the award after. Not only that, but my Grandpa will present the first ever Ted Lindsay Award later this year at The ESPYS.We are heading up today for the big show and am looking forward to some rare family time. The ipod is full everything on the main page so there will be plenty of quality tunes.


Haters gonna hate...fuck em

Uraban Outfiters 25 Song Comp

The super popular clothing company Urban Outfitters has music taste similar to their clothing. Awesome. They put together a 25 song playlist for your enjoyment...here are the bands on it: Delorean, Caribou, Gonjasufi, Swahili Blonde, Liars, Surfer Blood, Dr. Dog, David Vandervelde, The Morning Benders, jj, Vivian Girls, The Soft Pack, Let's Wrestle, Dum Dum Girls, Love Is All, The Samps, Goldfrapp, Flying Lotus,Serena Maneesh, Suckers, Lali Puna, Small Black, Rainbow Arabia, Golden Ages, Pantha Du Prince.
Worth positng IMO if you don't have these tracks. Head on over to the website and check out the cool layout. Each band has a territory and if you click on the dot listen to the tracks. For the free download just click Download in Itunes.

Urban Outfitters 25 Song Comp--->HERE

Born Ruffians - 'What To Say'

Born Ruffians sophmore album 'Say It' is due out 5/31. The Canadian pop/rock group has resleased the video for 'What To Say' on Stereogum. It's super vintage because it was shot with an old school oscilloscope. It made for a pretty sweet video. Check it.


Dead Meadow - Cafe 9 4/24

Manic Productions presents Dead Meadow with Imaad Wasif and Fake Babies. The show is going down this Saturday at Cafe 9 in New Haven. Tix are $12, show starts at 9 and you gotta be 21. Buy your tickets here in advance. 

Dead Meadow have been together for over a decade and are familiar faces here in CT. Their music is stoner rock to the max. psychedelic rock riffs with a heavy dose of Sabbath. Thier new album 'Three Kings' can be purchased hereMyspace

Also playing the show is  Imaad Wasif (Myspace). They are a folk group mixed with a little rock and roll from Canada. Wasif worked with Karen O on the soundtrack to the film 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

Also opening up is Fake Babies, from our very own CT. They are a synthy, drum machine, fuzzy reverbed vocals group, and god knows I love that combo. They are very danceable. Check out more about them at their Myspace.


Ariel Pink Touring w/ Magic Kids

Ariel Pink will be touring the country this summer to support what is one of the sexiest albums this year. The lead single off 'Before Today' has been making its way around the internet. You can find it in our post here. The fact that they are touring with Magic Man makes this 1-2 combo a must see. Check out this video i just found via Rosequartz and the tour dates below.  

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Tour Dates

04-May New York, NY Mercury Lounge *
09-Jul Los Angeles, CA Echoplex#
10-Jul San Francisco, CA Bimbo's #
12-Jul Portland, OR Doug Fir #
13-Jul Seattle, WA Neumo's #
14-Jul Vancouver, BC Biltmore #
16-Jul Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge #
17-Jul Denver, CO Bluebird #
19-Jul Minneapolis, MN Entry #
20-Jul Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall #
21-Jul Detroit, MI Pike Room #
22-Jul Toronto, ONT Mod Club #
23-Jul Montreal, PQ La Sala Rosa #
24-Jul New York, NY The Fillmore / Irving Plaza #
25-Jul Boston, MA Middle East #
27-Jul Philadelphia, PA JB's #
28-Jul Washington, DC Rock N Roll Hotel #
29-Jul Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 #
30-Jul Atlanta, GA Earl #
31-Jul Birmingham, AL Bottle Tree #
02-Aug Denton, TX Hailey's #
03-Aug Austin, TX Mohawk #
05-Aug Tucson, AZ Plush #
06-Aug San Diego, CA Casbah #
07-Aug Costa Mesa, CA Detroit Bar #

* = w/ R. Stevie Moore
# = w/ Pearl Harbor & Magic Kids

Freelance Whales - Daytrotter

I was going to write a little review for the Freelance Whales Daytrotter session and give you a little info on how it all went down but, the story is just too good to be retold. Read it here Daytrotter's home base is located in Rock Island, Illinois. They were on the road for SXSW, they wanted to record some of the artists playing the festival down in Austin. This would be the first time that a Daytrotter session would be recorded infront of a live audience. But it would not go down without some hicups. Make sure to download all of the songs...they are free of course. Gotta love Daytortter

FREE downloads of the Freelance Whales Daytrotter session ------>HERE


Dave Plays CoCo's Traveling Carnival

Conan O'brien is touring the country, and during his stop in Seattle Dave Matthews joined the stage to sing happy birthday to Conan and perform Bartender. Check it out


Freelance Whales - 'Weathervanes'

I forgot to post this on the day the album came out!

We briefly spoke about Freelance Whales in a earlier post. Their debut album 'Weathervanes' is in now in stores. It leaked months ago (i think it was relesed in europe a while ago, or its just getting a proper release today) and it has gotten good reviews around the internet. This band knows how to use space as an insturment. They don't rush the music. The first song 'Generation 1st floor' takes almost 2 full minutes before any words are spoken. They let the music start slow with plucking banjos and soft walls of sound, then let it expand and build up. They have a Sufjan Stevens like production value, everything sounds so clean and real on this album...I can only hope that they live up to it when playing live. They are been seen playing subways in NYC, now touring the country. Check out their dates at their Myspace. Buy the album HERE.

Freelance Whales - Generator 2nd Floor

Freelance Whales | MySpace Music Videos

Cloud Nothings on Record Store Day

Saturday was a glorious day for music lovers. Record Store Day had tons of material, discounts, and live performances all over the country. Cloud Nothings (more here) stopped back home for their RSD performance. They played to about 25-30 people (shame on you cleveland) outside of Music Saves in downtown Cleveland. This band is so good live. How their drum set hasn't broken in half yet, I don't know. They are everything that is right with rock and roll music. Check out their RSD performance of 'I Can't Stay Awake' below, and check out the entire set HERE. 
PS - their drummer reminds me of the one and only zack kornfeld


Chillin w/ Neon Indian

I have posted about Neon Indian numerous times, he is the chillwave king after all. The only gripe I have with the guy is that he signed with Mt. Dew....If you know one thing about me, I don't do the dew. But here is a great vid I found of some of the best Neon Indian tracks + a good interview. Now time for a bowl by the river!

Neon Indian from jamesfeatherstone on Vimeo.


Record Store Day

So today was the day. The one and only Record Store Day. I made it down to Wallingford for noon to get to Red Scroll Records...apparently people showed up at 845. I was able to grab a bunch of great limited edition Record Store Day vinyl, as well as a few other must haves. I also visited Phoenix Records in Litchfield. Both great shops, make sure you support your local music shops and artists! Check out what I got yo!!!!!

Record Store Day Item: Plants and Animals released their second full album, 'La La' a few days early on vinyl. They are a post classic rock group from the popular music area of Montreal, Canada. They mix jumpy pianos, steely brass, and classic rock guitar riffs to give you a very easy enjoyable listening experience.
Record Store Day Item: One of my favorite records of the decade Modest Mouse 'Moons and Antarcitca' is being reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day. It has been remastered using the band's preferred 2004 master, but it contains the original tracklisting, without the extras found on the expanded edition. It also features the original artwork and contains the locked groove found at the end of the first side.
 Record Store Day Item: LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow 12'' Single - The new single from LCD's album 'This Is Happening'...it leaked on the internet the other day, no doubt it will be one of my dance albums for the summer to come...a great album!

 Record Store Day Item: A Surfer Blood/Holiday Shores split 7''. Surfer Blood's live version of "Take It Easy" features Marnie Stern. Both tracks are ferocious fuzzy indie rock songs
 Record Store Day Item: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 7'' Live @ Las Vegas. Two of the better tracks off of DMB's latest release 'Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King'. 'Lying in the Hands of God' is a beautiful diddy that really showcases the way Tim can layer with the acoustic guitar.

 Record Store Day Item: A split 7" of Daytrotter Session performances from The Antlers and White Rabbits. The Antlers released my favorite album of 2009 and the song 'Shiva' was one of my favorite tracks off that album. Daytrotter is also one of the best websites for finding striped down versions of my favorite groups

Record Store Day Item: Fucked Up Daytrotter 7'' - The single includes three songs from Fucked Up's Daytrotter Session "Magic Word" "David Comes to Life" as well as "Crooked Head" were the songs chosen. But the real selling point here is the cover art. Fucked Up picked 10 different record stores to honor, those record stores sent the band pictures, and now those pictures are 10 of the 11 single covers. There's also a generic cover.
Ducktails is the one-man psychedelic pop project of Matthew Mondanile, guitarest for Real Estate. The album cover and title are perfect. This album is tropical lo-fi, a soundtrack to growing up in the late 80's. Most of the tracks are instrumental that feature misty synths and drum machines. Not a record store day item, but a must have.
 The Morning Benders 'Big Echo' I shouldn't have to explain why I bought this. What a great album. It really feels like the first album by this band that works together as an entire album vs. a bunch of tracks just thrown together. 'Excuses' is one of my favorite tracks for 2010. 

Rising Sun Quest - Thursday April 22nd at Toads Place

The Rising Sun Quest is out of Waterbury Connecticut. Quest dissects beats with lyrical precision to bring you along a story through his thoughts and feelings.
"My style reflects the life of any real person living life the way most people do. We have so many artificial artists who just live their fantasy through their false personas or who are forced to fit an image. To me it’s a joke and in my eyes it just ruins the perception of Hip Hop in general..I’m the opposite, I express what I feel and don’t worry weather it's hot by someone else’s standards."
Quest keeps a reflective view on his music stating, "There's nothing better than when someone tells me one of my songs helped them get through some hard times, or just that one of my tracks is their favorite." He has four releases, first was Stellar Evolution (1999, 10 Tracks), his FREE album Surviving Life (2004, 15 Tracks), Journey Towards The Sun (2008, 15 Tracks) and his newest release Hydrostatic Equilibrium (2009, 9 Tracks)

Quest is playing at Toads Place in New Haven on Thursday (22nd). Be there if you get the chance

The Alchemystics Rocked Sully's on 4.15

The Alchemystics threw down thursday night at Sully's Pub in Hartford. Their blend of reggae, soul, and hip hop delivered a high octane performance. Forces' lyrical imagery mixed with the 'mystics grooving style made for a memorable night.

The Pub was bouncing as Force was laying lines on top uptempo beats such as 'Fire' and 'Shine Eye Girl'. Ian-I and Ras Jahn joined in to shower lyrics of hope, life, and love to the crowd. Garrett Sawyer(Bass), Jay Metcalf (Keyboards), and Demse Zullu (Drums) set the tone with reggae waves that jammed through the entire setlist. The intense atmosphere was amplified when Sully's own Lumpsum was brought on stage during 'People Want More' for an impromptu freestyle. The epic show concluded as 'chemystics played a new song called 'Element' sure to be another staple that ended the night perfectly.

It was a great time, and I urge everyone to try and make one
of their upcoming events,



Turbo Fruits, The Beets - TONIGHT Wesleyan

I love free shows. Going with some really chill people to Eclectic again(hope i dont lose my ID) to see Turbo Fruits and The Beets. They are both very lively bands that really bring it for every show. Very excited to see them! Busy going to shows, Thurs, Fri, Sat...it's concert season! Have a good weekend yall!


Redscroll Records Celebrates 3 Years

Redscroll Records is the best spot in Connecticut to buy music. Wallingford is a bit out of my way, so I have yet to get down there...but they are in the middle of throwing a week long 3 year anniversary sale with 20% off everything and special events being held throughout this week/ I will be living and going broke in Wallingford on April 17th. They are also now open on Mondays! The sale starts April 12th and runs through the 18th. The sale also runs in with Record Store Day on the 17th. Tons of limited edition vinyl being released for that day only, so be sure to get out! Redscroll Records is located at 24 North Colony Rd., Wallingford, CT. Find out more info at http://www.redscrollrecords.com/

The events for the week are as follows.

Thursday, April 15th:
Poetry, Story & Zine Night
7pm In-Store (Free)
with Kyle Connecticut, Luc Rioual, Migzy, Michael Bozzuto, Mike Tobey & More!

Friday, April 16th:
Hip-Hop Showcase at Café 9
9pm, 21+, $5
Bisco Smith
DJ Lokash
Mizery Crew (Benn Grim, Timmy Wiggins, Metal Heart, Deefy)
with a free raffle giveaway of a Numark TTUSB Record Player

Saturday, April 17th:
Record Store Day
open early, 10am
Exclusive Limited Titles, Snacks, Goodie Bags
Spend $100 = get a free t-shirt
with a special surprise in store at 8PM

Sunday, April 18th:
Noise Showcase
6pm, In-Store (free)
Roman Wolfe
Poison Fingers


THAO w/Magic Man 4/20 @ The Space

Welp, I've got my 4/20 plans all set. I grabbed a pair of tickets to the Thao with The Get Down Stay Down and Magic Man show at The Space in Hamden. CT's own Manic Productions is throwing the party. Here is a little info about each band, roll a few jibbers and well see ya there! tickets can be bought HERE. Directions HERE.  C U THERE

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
Thao (Nguyen) with the Get Down Stay Down return with the follow up to their riotously beloved album, “We Brave Bee Stings and All”, the breakout success and best-selling record of 2008 for Kill Rock Stars. With Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Bill Frisell, Spoon) again at the helm, “Know Better Learn Faster” captures the band at their more mature, honed, trimmed and tightened best. After the last year and a half of constant touring, the now-trio delivers Thao’s cleverly crafted and emotionally evocative songs with vibrant, innovative instrumentation, incredible energy and a still-acutely-solid sense of what sounds good. The new batch of songs spans all genres and influences, all the while staying faithful to their distinct style, sharp wit, and the infectious and enamoring exuberance of their renowned live shows. Myspace

Magic Man
Magic Man is a Boston-based duo that grew out of spare moments and idle hours during a summer spent volunteering on organic farms in the French countryside. The songs were written at several different locations in France, including a chateau, a farm, a circus festival, and a beach cottage and brought back home to the states for further recording and editing (most of which was done in small dorm rooms and transmitted between band members with the aid of the world wide web). For fans of The Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips and The Antlers. FREE ALBUM DLOAD

All The Friends
All The Friends are a 3-piece group of multi-instrumentalists from Windsor, CT. Their sound revolves around rich harmonies inside sparse compositions. For fans of friendship, Radiohead and Bjork. Facebook Page



The Redwings begin their quest for their 12th Stanley Cup tonight. Hockey in PHX?? good joke!

Modest Mouse Hitting The Road

With the announcment of Modest Mouse playing the Pitchfork Music Festival, they will also be touring around the country & across the pond this summer. Modest Mouse has always been one of my favorite bands that I have never seen, so you bet your ass I will be attending the HOB show in Boston. The band is also going to reissue their, in my opinion, best album 'The Moon & Antarctica' for Record Store Day. I'm buyin that fasho! Here are the summer tour dates:

07-01 Broomfield, CO - 1st Bank Center
07-02 Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Theater
07-06 Kansas City, MO - Crossroads
07-09 Santa Fe, NM - Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre
07-12 Sioux Falls, ND - Ramkota Exhibit Hall
07-13 Fargo, ND - Hub at the Venue
07-14 Minneapolis, MN - The Orpheum Theatre
07-16 Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
07-17 St. Louis, MO - Pageant Theatre
07-18 Knoxville, TN - The Valarium
07-19 Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
07-20 Charleston, SC - Music Farm
07-22 Montclair, NJ - Wellmont Theatre
07-23 Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Waterfront
07-24 Boston, MA - House of Blues
08-27 Leeds, England - Leeds Festival
08-28 Reading, England - Reading Festival
08-31 Newcastle, England - O2 Academy
09-01 Liverpool, England - O2 Academy
09-03 Stradbally, Ireland - Electric Picnic Festival

Green Music Group Kicks Off w/ DMB

Green Music Group is a coalition of musicians, industry leaders, and music fans using our collective power to bring about widespread environmental change within the music industry and around the globe. Every two weeks, a GMG Artist will challenge YOU to make an eco-friendly change in your life.
We start off with our very own Dave Matthews Band, the challange: sign up to volunteer in your community, and make your world a better place. In order to prove it: snap a creative shot of the logo of the organization with which you are volunteering. The winner will recieve a specialized bike AND a Rossignol Dave Matthews Band Limited Edition Stefan Lessard Signature Snowboard. Here is Stefan with some more info. Also sign up HERE

CoCo Covers Radiohead

Here he is yall. Our man Conan has started on his comedy tour, and here he is covering Radiohead's 'Creep' major lolz

New Best Coast Vid - 'When I'm With You'

Here it is folks, the premier of the new Best Coast music video directed by Pete Ohs. The song, 'When I'm With You' is my current favorite. I wake up the morning singing it, and go to bed thinking about it...and yes i posted this at 5:55 am, fml.


The Alchemystics - Sully's Pub Thursday April 15th

The Alchemystics are a band out of Amherst Mass. who sync a mix of Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, and Dub music to creative musical perfection. They like to call it, "new roots music". This six member group combines the soulful vocal harmonies of Ras Jahn, and Ian-I (also on guitar) with the heady rhythmic wordplay of Force. Drummer Desme Zullo drops an assortment of beats setting the stage for Garrett Sawyer the bassist and Jay Metcalf the keyboardist to mesh a medley of vibes that blend and create a truly unique sound. They captivate their audiences with high energy shows that gets everybody moving. But they do more than just perform.

The Alchemystics are under the firm belief that social change can come through music and art, so they have made it a priority to give back to the local community. They have raised funds for programs such as the 'Massachusetts Red Ribbon Ride, and the Northampton Survival Center'. Also providing for the 'Victims of Hurricane Katrina, Darfur Relief, AIDS awareness, and domestic abuse awareness.' As well as guest lecturing and performing at a number schools in the northeast(UMass, Trinity College, Colby-Sawyer College, WPI, etc.)

Their two albums Alchemystics EP (5 Tracks) followed by a recording of their live show at the Iron Horse, in Northampton Alchemystics Live (15 Tracks) were both released in 2008. They are an amazing innovative group that everyone should take a listen to, and if you want come out and support on Thursday (15th) at Sully's Pub in West Hartford.

Pitchfork Music Fest - The Real Chicago Festival

Okay, jokes on Lolla this year. Pitchfork is stacked! They just added Modest Mouse to the lineup...it also includes LCD Soundsystem, Panda Bear, Pavement, Neon Indian, Beach House, Girls, Here We Go Magic, Surfer Blood, Local Natives, Washed Out, Best Coast + a lot more. More bands should be added as we get closer. Sooo if you are in Chi-town July 16-18 make sure to get to this festival. Lot's of great bands that you can see all at one time, however I do feel majority of these bands do best in smaller atmosphere...regardless this should be a fun time. Here is the full lineup:

Pitchfork Music Festival 2010

Friday, July 16
Modest Mouse
Broken Social Scene
The Tallest Man on Earth
Sharon Van Etten

Saturday, July 17
LCD Soundsystem
Panda Bear
Wolf Parade
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Titus Andronicus
Real Estate
Bear in Heaven
Free Energy
The Smith Westerns
Kurt Vile
Freddie Gibbs

Sunday, July 18
Big Boi
Major Lazer
St. Vincent
Lightning Bolt
Beach House
Sleigh Bells
Neon Indian
Cass McCombs
Here We Go Magic
Surfer Blood
Local Natives
Washed Out
Best Coast


DiCipher - 'The Rough Draft'

Oxygen Ashtray is expanding away from it's indie roots. I would like to introduce Pete to the lineup as a blogger for OA. He has great beat on what is happening in the hiphop field...something that I know very little about. I'm looking forward to finding good music through his posts.

To begin I would like to thank Matt for this opportunity to let me share my music and thoughts with all of you, I really appreciate it. I have always believed, to enjoy life you need to pursue your passions. Whether newfound or lifelong, these pursuits inspire people to grow and gain perspective on their life. Music is one of my passions, and my goal here is to portray that. So without further nonsense let me introduce, DiCipher

Michael 'DiCipher' Anderson is a 20 year old sophomore student at Central Connecticut State University majoring in Business Finance. DiCipher grew up in Waterbury, CT and has always had a love for music, "I put my heart and soul into this" he states in the introduction of his first mixtape album 'The Rough Draft'. DiCipher first starting rapping as a young teenager under his childhood alias "snicka", first performing at Crosby High talent shows. His musical crave led him to continue and freestyle at open mic's and rap cyphers.

It was this dedication that helped him produce his new album. Songs such as, 'Kinda Like a Big Deal', 'Sweet Dreams', and 'To All My Ladies' contain an upbeat tempo that you could hear in any dance club. DiCi also mixes in songs with a slower flow such as 'Must Be Love', and 'We Rollin'.' My favorites are, 'Hopeful', and 'Believe, Ft. Amanda Rodriguez' because DiCipher delves into his true emotions about Hip-Hop and life. DiCipher is a talented artist who deserves a click or two,

Check out The Rough Draft.

Open Bar: Toro Y Moi

Before Chaz played Brooklyn Bowl, he stopped by Heathers to play a little guitar set. 2 songs not featured on Causers of This, 'Lately' and 'Absolutely'. This man does no wrong.


Lazy Dazy

Man am I fucking lazy today. I slept til almost noon, have yet to do anything except hit the bong, play guitar and eat milano cookies in my bed. I have been watching trip wire dot com's YouTube Page all day. Here are some of my favorites

Deer Tick - 20 Miles

Deer Tick has put the finishing touches on their new album, 'The Black Dirt Sessions', and they’ve offered up a free mp3 called “20 Miles”. The album is said to be a tad darker, exploring themes like death, mortality, and the existence of God. The song is absolutely wonderful, grab it below.

Free Download Deer Tick - 20 Miles


PS-22 Chorus - Beach House

PS22 Chorus has worked with Passion Pit and covered Phoenix . Here they are covering Beach House's 'Zebra'... learned it in half a day....speechless 

Best Coast Takes Over Wesleyan

I received word that Best Coast would be stopping by Wesleyan for a Thursday night gig (thanks pat). No one could go with me, so I decided to introduce Pete into the indie scene. Showed up around 11 and Wesleyans' own Apache Kid was rocking out to end their set. They were tight. Combined with guitars and synths, their lead singer was shouting and jumping around to moshing hipsters. This gave me ample time to say hi to Bethany Bob and Ali, also to grab the last remaining 7''.

Best Coast are chill people. Beth swayed back and fourth to each tune about heartache and never being accepted. Other songs, about chillin and smoking weed. Basically my life wrapped up in a neat little box. My favorite line of the night: 'I hate sleeping alooooone' off their fifth 7'' single. 'When I'm With You'. The live music had a lot less reverb then the recorded material giving Beth a more natural, sweet sounding voice. Her favorites to listen to include The Beach Boys and The Everly Brothers, which you can hear influencing Best Coast's 50's beachy vibe. They put their guitars down for one second before deciding to play a one song encore for the demanding students. After, I chatted with the group and got my vinyl signed. Beth and Ali decided to step outside with us for a smoke...we talked about our cats and what makes a good bowl. Would love to chill with you guys again when you come through CT.

It was too dark at Eclectic to take pics, and I'm sure there was no video taken. These three videos are from the night before at Mercury Lounge in NY.
I also left my ID at Eclectic, so if anyone reads this and can help me out in finding that...pleaseeee email me, berman1125@hotmail.com


Two Local Shows - Best Coast & The Babies

Woke up to texts and updates about two shows happening in the nutmeg state this weekend. Tonight the show is at Wesleyan. Eclectic is playing host to Best Coast and Wesleyan's own Apache Kid. Best Coast is made up of two people. Bethany and Bob.. and they are two of the coolest people on the planet. They love chilling with their cats, smoking, and watching Seinfeld. whaddya know, me too.  They also have infectious lofi beach blanket music from LA with alotta reverb. Would really love to see them live and chat with them. Here are all the links you need.
Best Coast Facebook Event
Best Coast Twitter
Best Coast Blog

On Sunday Titus Andronicus and The Babies are playing with local indie punk band My Heart To Joy. It's happening at Toad's Place Upstairs (Lillypad) in New Haven...10$ and doors are at 7. The Babies are must see music. Vivian girls frontwoman Cassie plus Wood's bassist Kevin and drummer Justin (Bossy) have formed a super group you could say and are showcasing their lovely beach pop tunes. Grab tix for the show hereCT Indie has more.


Go Outside

I read 90 degrees on my way home from work this afternoon. Made this playlist and I ain't comin back in til it's dark. Here it is in a .zip file. Download it, play it, go outside. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Free Download Go Outside ----> HERE!!!!

Go Outside from Helene Park on Vimeo.


Cloud Nothings & Speaker Tree Records

Speakertree Records is an independent record store in downtown Lynchburg, VA selling new and used CDs, vinyl LPs and 7”s. They specialize in smaller label releases, vinyl LPs, handmade goods, and magazines. They can special order almost any CD or in print LP that you are looking for and get it in quickly...I got my order of vinyl in four days. I would not call Speakertree a label, but they have released one album, Cloud Nothings 'Turning On' on January 19th.
These boys know how to jam. Messy lofi fuzz, catchy hooks and riffs followed by exploding guitar jams..total head boppin music. I feel like Cloud Nothings did exactly what they needed to with this album. A new band making a short record filled with fun fuzzy pop songs that you can listen to on a car ride with your friends. I only wish it was longer. Clocking in at < 30 min, it left me wanting more. I flipped it back over and started again.

Cloud Nothing's - Can't Stay Awake by berman1125

Buy the album HERE and receive a free mp3 download of the album.

Find out more about Speaker Tree Records & Cloud Nothings and support physical media!

Cloud Nothings Myspace
Cloud Nothing Twitter

Lolla Lineup

Lollapalooza has just announced their 2010 line up and it looks decent. The headliners suck, Soundgarden (meh)  Green Day (BARF!) Lada Gaga (kill me). Then we start getting into the good bands, Phoenix, The Strokes, MGMT, Spoon, Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, Dirty Projectors, Matt and Kim, Drive by Truckers, The xx, Blues Traveler, Deer Tick, Minus The Bear, Walkmen, Mumford and Sons, Hockey, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Harlem, The Morning Benders, Freelance Whales, and Javelin. It's a mix of a lot of good indie artists and some of todays biggest pop stars. This isnt necessarily a festival that you HAVE to be at, but the line up is pretty good and worth the trip if you are able to attend. The festival will be taking place Aug 6-8th in as always Grant Park, Chitown. For passes, go here. To view the entire lineup, go here


She & Him Play Letterman & Kimmel

Zooey and M. Ward perform 'In The Sun' off their new album 'Volume Two'.

UPDATE: They also stopped by Jimmy Kimel on Monday to perform 'Theives'


Magic Man & Slam Donahue - 4/3 New Haven

How the fuck did i miss the announcement for this?? In a rush, so I'm just going to copy and paste but head over to CT Indie for all the info, or check out the Facebook Group

This Saturday, April 3rd, WYBC Yale Radio Presents: Spring Fix Pt. 2. It's a show in a basement, so you know it'll be full of great surprises. There will be a listening party for the new Jonsi album at around 9:00, sponsored by Beggars Group which will be followed by a show which will feature:

Magic Man, a Boston-based electro-pop duo. They released their debut "Real Life Color" earlier this year, we wrote all about it Here.

Slam DonahueA band which we know and love from the New Haven area. I think you've probably seen or heard them before if you've been reading our site, but I can't stress enough how good this band actually is. Plus, they just released a new video for "Five Ten Fifteen Twenty" that you can't beat with a stick:


Pitchfork Music Videos

Thanx pitchfork for these two awesome videos. The first is 'Feel It All Around' from sxsw. Washed Out has been touring with Small Black as a backing band, and pitchfork shot an amazing video. The second video is 'Gay Human Bones' off Harlem's new album Hippies. Now off to Boston for Dum Dum Girls and Girls at The Paradise. Enjoy the weather, stay wavy