Came across this cover of my favorite Dave Matthews Band song The Stone. This beautiful piano cover is by jcavazos09 and he has some other cool covers from the band too. Major props, dude.


(500) Days Of Weezy

Free download of the Wayne/500 Days mashup. Awesome.


Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Steve Carell

No music to report today. I have been loving the Teen Daze album. I have also been enjoying the hell out of the Best Coast vinyl. Caught another DMB show in NYC and I quit my job at DD. I am now working at the Flatbread Company. Can't blog from there like I could my other job, but have no fear...there will be plenty of posts to come in the future. I hope yall are enjoying the summer as much as I am. Next show is Kings of Leon on Tues (free tix!) and then Local Natives on Sat at Gov Island!


Teen Daze - 'Four More Years'

Vancoover's own Teen Daze has been leading the Summer of Summer playlists(what me and my friends jam to). We told you about their EP back in May. The album, 'Four More Years' is filled with dazzling hazy summer anthems that are perfect for riding beachy vibes while chillin out with your friends. The entire album has a very warm soothing presence to it. This is a summer collection of songs that you must have. Teen Daze's 'Four More Years' is coming out digitally this Tuesday and the vinyl will be out August 12 on Arcade Sound Ltd. I had a chance to ask Teen Daze a few questions about the mystery that is Teen Daze...people still don't seem to know who he is exactly. Read a little bit more a find out.
Teen Daze, why that name? Why is it so hard to find information about the man behind the music?
Well, "Teen Daze" comes from my friend Joel. He turned 20 this last April, and the day before, our friends took him out and celebrated his last day as a teen by having a "Teen Day". So they did all sorts of "teen" things, like loitering, trespassing, eating candy, riding bikes, etc. I guess the whole time they were doing this, they were shouting out "TEEN DAY!" I was working on some early tracks for what would become "Four More Years", and I wanted to do a track that was dedicated to Joel and his teen day. I called the track, "Teen Daze", and I liked it so much that I thought I'd adopt it as my name!

When I posted the first two tracks, I specifically didn't put my name, a bio, or any of the other traditional stuff that goes along with an online profile, strictly because I wanted the music to exist on its own. I've come to understand the power of branding in our culture, and especially in an internet culture. We brand ourselves through our Facebook profiles, creating a person that we want others to see us as. Anyways, I didn't want to be branded by who I was, or what I looked like, or whether I was cool or not. I wanted the music to speak for itself, and be branded for what it is. Plus, it's also fun to mess with the internet. I mean don't get me wrong, I understand that if it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't be doing this interview, and my friends would be the only ones who would have heard these songs. But it's fun to sit back and watch as people make stabs in the dark about who it is behind the music. I especially love posting pictures of my friends, and having people assume that that's who the band is. I've seen Teen Daze referred to as a "male/female duo" so many times, and I just sit back and laugh. Not in a mean way, just in the sense that I'm messing with people's perceptions. I guess it ties into the whole branding thing; you can't always take everything you find on the internet at face value.

What is the Vancouver music scene like?
So good! I live in a town that's about an hour outside of the city, so I go in a lot for shows, or for nights on the town. So I really only get to experience the scene on the nights I'm either playing, or attending a show. But I really love the amount of good music there is going on in Vancouver. My friends write a blog called Winnie Cooper (http://winniecooper.net/) and they also put on these great shows called "No More Strangers". If you just peruse through the blog, and look at the artists they're putting on shows for, you'll get an idea of the kind of scene that's happening right now. Tristan, from Winnie Cooper, and I had a great talk about the vibe in the city, musically, and how it feels like there isn't a definitive sound going on right now, and how cool that is. My second show was a No More Strangers show, and I played with Gobble Gobble, Braids and MT-40. If you look into those bands, you'll see we've all got a pretty distinct sound. But that being said, I think it's the diversity in the sound that's really showcasing what it's like in the city.

You have signed to Arcade Sound Ltd (congrats) how does it feel to be working with a label after just starting teen daze a few months ago?
Thanks! It feels pretty amazing actually. I've worked with labels in the past, and I have to say that this is one of the best "business" relationships I've had to date. Everyone at Arcade Sound is so passionate about music, and are so excited about the Teen Daze record. It's amazing to have such an amazing, supporting group of people around me. It's also sort of mind blowing knowing that I'm on the same label as so many incredibly artists. I pretty much fall asleep to Memoryhouse every night, and even as we speak I'm listening to Millionyoung at an exceptionally loud volume. The whole label is just ridiculously good, and it's so inspiring being amongst them all.

What are you going for on 'Four More Years'? What is the general tone of the EP?
This is definitely a summer record. I would say half of it hits harder than the other half; half the songs really touch on a more mellow, hazy vibe, and the other half is way more concerned with making you dance. A lot of it has a pretty serious summer vibe too; I really just wanted to make something that would be a positive, love-filled piece of art. There's a lot of cynicism and negativity that can come along with music, and I figured, why not just make something that will put a smile on people's faces.

It's safe to say, you are a fan of Toro y Moi and Washed out then? It shows in your music, while adding an original element of your own. What other influences do you have?
I'm a huge fan of French house music; I grew up on Daft Punk. I can remember listening to "Discovery" for the first time, and literally feeling like my life had changed. I love Fred Falke, Lifelike, Aeroplane, Louis La Roche and Alan Braxe. I really love to DJ, so I have a huge love for really melodic, Rhodes-driven music at around like 128 BPM. I also have a serious passion for any Icelandic music, which started with Sigur Ros, and grew to anything that has that positive, childlike feel to it.

Your new track 'Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of)...were you doing just that when the idea popped into your head?
I was actually! Well, technically I was in the backseat. But still. I used to go to the beach with my family, and it was always such a special sort of occasion. I've always loved being around water, and I only have positive memories from going to the beach with my family. So the other day, when we were driving home, I was taken back to this really nostalgic place, where I remember driving back with my parents, and always wanting to stop at the same place for ice cream. The combination of being so hazy from being in the sun, feeling careless, and going to get ice cream is a pretty good feeling, let me tell you. Anyways, I got home, sat down at my computer while my girlfriend napped, and put together the track. The vocal sample comes from a track by my friend Aidan Knight (http://www.aidanknight.com/), who everyone should be listening to.

What have you been working on since 'Four More Years' has been completed?
I've been doing A LOT of remix work; I've made a bunch of new Teen Daze tracks that aren't necessarily going towards a record or anything like that; I wrote an EP of fuzzed-out, 60s pop songs, that I'm hoping to release sometime this fall; I was asked to play a small backyard show at my friend's place this last week, and so I wrote an EP of hazy, ambient acoustic tracks, which is up as a stream on my other project's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/twobicycles. I've also been going to the beach and taking a lot of pictures, which I'm hoping will inspire another records worth of material. All in all, I've been working on quite a lot!

You have a few shows under your belt now, Are you finding the groove you want for your live shows?
Yes and no. I'm still trying to decide what sort of vibe I want the show to have: a dancey, fun-loving vibe, or a more chilled-out, relaxed, hazy vibe. Lately I've definitely been catering to the audience. For example, if I'm first on the bill, I'll normally play to more of the chilled out stuff, just because people aren't really ready to get dancing and freak out. But if I'm headlining, and people have already loosened up, then I'm all for throwing a huge party.

The album comes out next week. Are you excited to play Cali? What are you expecting from your trip there?
I'm incredibly excited to play those shows in Cali. Beside the fact that I'll get to see Gobble Gobble perform every night I'm there, it'll be a great chance to share my songs with a lot of new people. I'm really excited to see my friends that I have down there too. OH, and I really want to go visit "California City" (http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/california-city.html), just because it looks like it'd be a pretty intense experience.

What music is running your life right now?
Caribou - Swim
Baths - Crulean
Neon Canyon - EP
Memoryhouse - The Years
Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart
Delorean - Subiza

Basically anything with a summer vibe!


Summer Lovin

Huge summer bash at my house tomorrow night. This tune has got me in the mood.


DOM Live @ Iron Horse

This past Thursday I had the privilege of seeing DOM open for Suckers at The Iron Horse in Northampton Mass. My friends and I were excited for a good dance party...but the hipsters of Northampton would not allow it. There were only about 30 people inside around 10:30 when DOM was using up their drink tickets in the back bar. They took stage around 10:45. 'Lots of room up front here on the dance floor' Dom said. The only people standing near the front of the stage seemed like hometown friends. I wanted to stand, but didn't want to piss off everyone that was sitting...fuck 'em, we stood right in front. DOM is tight live, much more so then I thought they would be. They reminded me of The Strokes to be honest. They were not flashy at all, which is the polar opposite of the music they make. They stood in place, jammed hard and played all their hits off the 'Sun Bronded Greek Gods' EP, plus a rockin surf instrumental...then a Pete&Pete cover to end the set. I was very impressed. They also use a video projector for some really trippy added effects to their live show.

This EP is a vinyl I have been wanted to get my hands on for a while now. DOM didn't have a merch table but I did catch them outside having a cig, and they had some in their van. We chatted around the van for a bit about the show and lack of audience participation, then decided a blunt was in order. We burned one down, oddly right in front of the Northampton Police Dept. The entire band is chill, it seemed like they would have been down to hang out all night if we didn't have to get back to CT. I have read some mixed reviews about DOM and how they act, but these dudes are cool in my book. They even gave us two more free vinyls for coming out to see them. I would also like to add this is the best put together vinyl in my collection. Everything is so well done. From the vinyl itself which is a marble purple color, to the lyrics sheet and even the sleeve for the record is nice... plus it sounds fucking awesome. Can't wait to catch these guys again, if you guys don't get drink tickets, i'l buy ya one.


Urban Outfitters Streaming Best Coast - 'Crazy For You'

The lame-ass store Urban Outfitters got a hold of the Best Coast album 'Crazy For You' early (who hasn't?) They will be streaming it at their store until the album comes out. You can read a cool little interview with Beth over at their website. 'Crazy For You' has album of the year potential. An instant classic, a must have for everyone. It's filled with 1950's pop songs about weed, love, and chillin. It pairs really well with another album, 'King of The Beach' by her partner in crime, Wavves...they put you in a summer mood and you never want to come back from it. 'Crazy For You' will be out on pretty blue vinyl July 26...of course I pre-ordered it the second it came out! You should buy it.


Altered Zones

Hey yall, longest time in between blog posts here...like I said, I am outside enjoying the warmth of summer. Today the rain has finally arrived and hopefully we can break this heatwave that the east coast has been experiencing this week. I wanted to let you all know about a website, http://www.alteredzones.com/ It is a culmination of 14 music blogs that I read on the reg anyway, dedicated to exploring music involving psych and drone to electronic and underground pop. Their mission is to highlight the most notable and adventurous new artists, and to serve as a one stop shop to finding the best new music out there. They have already covered 'Teen Daze' and 'Memoryhouse'.

So when there may be a week in-between posts here at OA, you can check out Altered Zones because you know that's what I will be reading daily and downloading mp3's from. I am hoping to put together a playlist of all the great mp3s Ive been jamming to over the last two weeks so be ready for that :).


Childish Gambino - Culdesac

We told you about Childish Gambino's first ever concert... so it's your own fault for not being one of the 150ish people squeezed into The Creek and The Cave the other night. I posted a video for those of you that couldn't make it. Childish Gambin's new album 'Culdesac' dropped yesterday, just in time for the 4th. It's free, so there is no reason you don't download it. It's an hour of fresh beats, honest lyrics, and an overall 'I don't give a fuck, I'm gonna do me' attitude.' If you heard the first two indie/rap mixtapes, then you will have an idea of what Donald likes to rap about. He really brings it for 'Culdesac', each track is so different then the other. He isn't afraid to go from hard hitting spitting over a punchy beat to slowing things down and actually using his talented singing voice.

'Culdesac' is about making connections. Donald is the coolest mother fucker around, but it wasn't always like that. He was a 'white' black kid, someone who didn't fit in with the others that he went to school with. Those kids didn't know who he was so they made fun of him to try and label Donald. This is something relate-able to a lot of people and it's a theme throughout the album. He also talks about making it big and how now allllll of his people want to be best buds with him, he even gives a shout out to his inspiration Tina Fey.

The track 'I Got This Money' is a summer anthem, it should be played at every party. The lyrics to 'So Fly' are catchy as fuck. And Donald says it best on 'You Know Me', 'You people just realizing that I'm awesome why'd it take so long...skip around the album it's not hard to find your favorite song.' Do yourself a favor go and download this album. It's for freeeeeeee, and you can get it at http://www.culdesac-album.com/ you will not be disappointed. You should also do yourself a favor and model yourself after Donald Glover...he is blowing up right now. 

Over (Childish Gambino cover) from Donald Glover on Vimeo.