Gotta Have Daytrotters

Daytrotter is killin it of late. Just recently they had Toro Y Moi and Tennis in studio to give the Daytrotter spin to their tunes. Both of these artists make enjoyable, relaxing summer music. They simplify their songs to the bare necessities for these sessions. Purely delectable. You can download them for free once you register for Daytrotter, which should have been done months ago.

http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/tennis-concert/20031378-51552.html - Download Tennis

http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/toro-y-moi-concert/20031389-51558.html - Download Toro Y Moi


Wild Nothing In The Streets

Check out Wild Nothing performing 'Gemini' and 'Your Rabbit Feet' from their 'They Shoot Music Session' These guys are really cool, they played at Daniel Street in Milford this summer and the entire band is chill. Enjoy these acoustic street versions :)


My Vampire Weekend

This past weekend was bananas.  I headed up to Boston to see Dum Dum Girls, Beach House, and Vampire Weekend. All three bands are amazing and I was very excited to see Vampire Weekend live for the first time. Boston is a beautiful city...it reminds me of our past, and it has a very vintage, colonial feel to it. Rachel and I made the trip up Saturday to enjoy an extra day in the city.

Sunday morning I awoke to the Dum Dum Girls tweeting for spirit lifters. Our party was more then happy to help them out and they said to meet up with them after their set! The Dum Dum Girls are badass live. Just four girls completely rocking out for 45 minutes and harmonizing beautifully together in hot outfits. Di Di sways back and fourth with a little shimmy and Bambi their bass player literally shows zero emotion on stage. Beach House sounds identical to their record, which is exactly what you want because their albums are perfect. Victoria has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. Their light show was really impressive too, it added a real dreamy feel to the show.

Vampire Weekend opened their set with 'Holiday' from Contra and continued to play for almost 80 minutes covering all the hits from both of their albums, and a Bruce Springsteen cover. During 'Bryn', The Dum Dum Girls were roaming around our section and were having trouble spotting Zack's Surfer Blood Tee that we told them to look for. Instead we went to them and they brought us backstage for a smoke during 'California English'. The DDG are really cool, it was great to talk with them for a little bit and recap their performance. They were heading out to their next show quickly, and we wanted to get back to Vampire Weekend. We said our good-byes and went back for the second half of VW. They are insanely tight live. Every note is played right and Ezra has a lot of interaction with the crowd. They ended the show like they end every show, with Walcott...one of my favorite tunes. What a special weekend in Boston.

Then I wake up Monday morning and see that their next show is in Holyoke Mass, only an hour away from me. I figured, why not email Dum Dum Girls and see if they could get me in and have the same situation set up as the night before. They were 100% down for that, so I got to go and see all 3 bands for free the next night! The shows were very similar but performances were different. Beach House was way more into their set in Holyoke, Victora was stomping the ground and doing all sorts of robotic dance moves. Vampire Weekend loved the feel of Holyoke, Ezra said 'I've got a real Halloween vibe goin on tonight, it's officially sweater weather...I love it'. It was cool in Holyoke because it was a much smaller show,  only 1500 people max versus what I thought was around 5000 in Boston this weekend. Holyoke was also GA, and a much, much younger crowd. It made for a more rowdy show up front. Boston was much more reserved. I had a blast seeing all 3 bands twice in two days, thanks to The Dum Dum Girls for hooking everything up, love yall!

The sound on the Vampire Weekend vids aren't great...and here is my favorite Beach House song 'Norway' from the Boston show.


New Childish

My boy Childish Gambino has a new track for you. I can really relate to his self confidence issues. You're the man Donald... I'll never forget that first show in NYC. Can't wait for Community to start back up either. This new song 'Untouchable' is true to the man spitting on it (he made the beat too). Donald Glover is truly untouchable right now. If you don't follow his blog http://www.iamdonald.com/ well then you don't know whats up. He is on top of his game in every aspect of his career. Killing it on TV, doing stand up, rapping in clubs, or writing scrips...whatever you have for him, he will succeed. Donald Glover for Spiderman? nahhh, Donald Glover for President! Listen and then download.
Now I'm gonna have myself a nice little weekend in Boston and see Dum Dum Girls, Beach House, and Vampire Weekend in one show. I know Donald can appreciate that!
Untouchable by Childish Gambino


Must Have Daytrotter Sessions

The last few days of August were ended on a good note thanks to http://www.daytrotter.com/. They put up sessions with Surfer Blood and The Beets. I was lucky enough to see both of them in concert this year, and both are really strong live. Daytrotter is the best and if you haven't been on their site before, download their app, sign up for their music, follow them on twitter...get involved with what they do because you get free music and its all amazing. You can download these two sessions if you click the bands names above. All of their sessions have free mp3 downloads with links for lossless. Check out their list of sessions.