Matt & Kim - Cameras

Matt & Kim are releasing a new album titled 'Sidewalks' this fall. The song 'Cameras' is the first track from their new work. I love it. Definitely a little slower then what we are used to from them, but it still does have that Matt & Kim sound. 'Cameras' has a real bounce to it...it's also got a lot of synth and happiness. I think this song would work as a sick opener for them to start the show with. I can't wait to see them at Toads Place in November. These two are always happy and very appreciative of their fans...when I saw them last year, Kim talked to every single fan that wanted to get a pic with her.


True Panther Tracks

I've got two new tracks from one of our favorite labels True Panther Sounds. Cloud Nothings who will be playing with Fucked Up at Toads on Sept 7th (Be There!) the song is 'Leave You Forever' another fuzzy, jangly, perfect song from this band. Every song they release ups the ante, these are true rockers from Ohio. Be sure to see them when they come to town.
Leave You Forever by truepanther

The other song is from Real Estate, who just recently played a show here in the Cut. This song is soooooooo Real Estate. Lofi beach haze and this band does it best. You can buy both of these tunes on upcoming 7'' releases. Stream them for now, grab them and throw them on your Autumn Playlist
Out Of Tune by truepanther

Washed Out - Hold Out

Really cool tour video posted by Washed Out. Todays my day off! I be chillin


Beach House - White Moon

Autumn is just around the corner and with these three rainy days in New England we are getting a sneak peak at what September is going to feel like. Fall is my favorite season for numerous reasons. Everything about it is perfect... from the cool brisk days, the leaves changing colors, halloween, and fall harvest... autumn really is just the best. The music has a certain feel to it during this time of year. A little bit slower, a lot more acoustic. I tend to get into more folk type acts during this time. This track is the perfect song to put in the #1 spot on your fall time playlist. It's a new song from Beach House. 'Teen Dream' is currently our second favorite album this year, and 'White Moon' sounds like it could be tacked right on to the end of that stunningly beautiful album. This song is as dreamy as you can get. I love how Victoria sings in a hush, it's never too much. Alex's tranquil guitar licks meld right into Victoria's shimmering piano. Download that shit, yo!
Beach House - White Moon (Itunes Session) by subpop


Local Music Alert!!!!! -Downright Music and Art: Community Unity Festival

If you have no plans this afternoon/evening I would highly recommend heading over to Collinsville to Downright Music and Art. They are holding their Community Unity Day downtown and there is going to be great music, friendly people, and beautiful art. Music starts right at 1 with Vortex featuring Jeff of The Mclovins(one of the first bands blogged about here) and there will be a lot more music all day! Artists will have work up for show and The Flatbread Company will be providing yummy organic pizza! So do yourself a favor and get to Downright today, it's free so whaddya waitin for?!


Rest easy, good friend


Colleen Green - Worship You

Colleen Green, takes a page right out of the book of The Dum Dum Girls and a little Best Coast. Drenched in reverb, this is as fuzzy as you can get. With a catchy, Bethany like chorus and bad ass DD guitar riffs...it's another perfect lofi girl rock song. It really fits the mood for the weather outside in CT this afternoon...it's so fucking sticky and wet. Download this track in the soundcloud below.

Colleen Green - Worship You by berman1125


Summer Camp

Summer Camp has a new EP, 'Young' coming out on moshi moshi on September 13th. It feels like it came straight out of the 80's and this video for it, soooooo nostalgic...its classic! I feel as if I am getting in the deloran, going back to 1985, and playing this song on my tape deck. Happy Friday the 13th!

SUMMER CAMP - Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.
Single out 13th Sept on Moshi Moshi Records


Local Natives @ Governors Island NYC

I had the pleasure of seeing Local Natives play on a beach in NYC last night. What a beautiful night it was...we had to take a ferry from Battery Park over to Governors Island where we chilled on the beach for 2 hours soaking up the sun and having a few beers. It was pretty surreal to be sitting on a beach with Manhattan as your backdrop. The first band was a Vampire Weekend wannabe, then We Are Barbarians took the stage, and thoroughly impressed me. They are from LA and have been friends with Local Natives from back in their home town. Local Natives played for over an hour, in front of their biggest crowd ever. For a ten dollar ticket (that included ferry ride), you can't ask for much more then that.

Local Natives are a band that I have wanted to see live for some time. They are all over the place on stage(a good thing)...everyone playing drums at some point, switching guitarists, switching lead singers...everyone in this band are class musicians and can hold their own on multiple instruments. The crowd was very laid back and also very into the show...I think the beach setting had everyone chillwaving to their fullest potential. The boys were on, hitting their four-part harmonies perfectly. Think bad-ass rock Fleet Foxes and then you've got Local Natives. They spastically jump around on stage, absolutely rocking out like tribal leaders would have around a campfire. 'Sun Hands', their encore song was by far the best of the night. Drums were smashed by everyone on stage, the crowd was going crazy...it was one of the most memorable moments of the summer for me. What a beautiful venue, and Local Natives played one hell of a set. So glad I decided to make that trip. I added a beautiful acoustic take of Airplanes from Pitchfork this year....breathtaking