Sorry Yall

2 posts in a month? I know...pathetic. But I work all the fucking time now and when I'm not working I'm spending time with my lovely girlfriend. So ya know what you lazy fucks...go find your own music! I'm only kidding...I know that is impossible for you. Here is the BIG Update...it's just gonna be one huge post so I don't have to come around here for another month ;) Actually I'm going to try to post more this month, because as we know...summertime = outside time. I really should throw my xbox out too, but I <3 Netflix. Okay, music time.

We have officially ended the first quarter of 2011 and there are three albums I am obsessed with. Smith Westerns absolutely nailed it with their sophomore effort 'Dye It Blonde'. Cut Copy with 'Zonoscope' and the new Fleet Foxes album, 'Helplessness Blues' which has not been released yet sounds amazing. I really can't stop listening to it (just got BNM on pfork) and is already pre-ordered it on wax. If there is anything you HAVE to have so far this year, it's these three albums. I did just get the new Antlers album (winner of OA's first album of the year award) 'Burst Apart'. I am looking forward to diving head first into that album but I need to have a really bad day first.

Again, like most summers, this summer is jam packed with concerts. It already kicked off with seeing Tim Reynolds at Infinity Hall. That's right, my hero in my hometown. Here is a sick video I took of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWUMizcU7b8 We are going to keep it going with what was the summer kick off last year, and the true summer kick off...Wesleyan's Spring Concert. This year we have the show STARTING with Wavves. Then...The Walkmen will jam out...this years headliner..mothafuckin Wu-Tang, well 2/9 of Wu-Tang. Red Dogz all around, we can only hope it will be as good as last year.

Amanda and I will be attending Childish Gambino in Boston halfway though May and then BOMB Fest at the end of the month. If you don't know about http://www.bombfest.com/ then you are dumb. This is going to be the sickest party EVERRRR. The line up is out of this world, it's just too bad they had to move venues. June is looking quiet as of now, but there will be tons of local shows going on at venues like Daniel St. The Space Toads Place BAR Cafe9 Bridge St. Hartford Party Starters and always be checking in with Manic Productions.

July starts out with http://www.superballix.com/ A 3 day festival all dedicated to Phish. It's being held in upstate New York at Watkins Glen and I honestly don't know what to expect, but I know I will not return home the same person. Either way, it's going to be an incredible way to spend the 4th this year. I'm pretty open from then until the end of August, so I'm looking forward to just doing whatever pops up. I'm sure there will be a lot of great shows that I will want to get to in Boston and NYC.

Then we end the summer the way that I usually start my summers, Dave Matthews Band. They typically tour the East Coast at the beginning of summer, they started their tour here in Hartford last summer, which was pretty epic. This year, they are bringing the Caravan to NYC, Governors Island. The lineup is only half out of the bag and it already blew my mind. Just look at it, it's amazing!! The perfect way to end summer before starting the longest fall of my life...seriously dreading it.

2011 is still just getting started, it's been a weird first quarter in my opinion. A lot going on in the world right now, I'm kind of nervous for what is going to happen soon... I just have a bad feeling about things and where human kind is going. But enough negativity...I can not wait for this summer, just look at that list..it could be the most epic summer yet....But it will be really hard (twss) to top last summer. Cheers!

New Washed Out

Washed Out has a sexy new track out. It sounds pretty much just like the rest of his music. Warm, hazy summer beats. He is keeping the chillwave movement alive. I really like the new song, it would be one of my favorites on Life of Leisure if it was included on that. Grab it below!



Cults Announce Debut Album

Cults have warmed our hearts ever since getting the little yellow 7'' with the most catchy song ever, 'Go Outside'. This band has the perfect message and really capture the nostalgic 1960's feel but not in a corny way. They are the real deal, a band with some depth..and from the preview of their debut album, they will not be falling off the map anytime soon. Here is the first song off the new album. It's called 'You Know What I Mean' Make sure to gran the album when it comes out June 7th.


Cults - You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults



LCD Soundsystem played their last show 'ever' at a instantly sold out MSG crowd. Tix were literally impossible to find, leaving LCD Soundsystem to schedule 5 shows leading up to the final one at MSG. They put on one hell of a show, and here it is in its 3.5 hour entirety.

Best Coast Visits Daytrotter

YAY! The day has finally come for Best Coast to stop by the Daytrotter studios to give us a long session! You can hear the reverb has been dropped in half when Beth sings live, it's still there...but you can really hear her quite good singing voice shine through. This is a fun little session to listen to. They will be playing at BOMB Fest this year, so be sure to grab a ticket and get to that festival, its gonna be a lot of fun! You can download the daytrotter sesh for free of course, just sign up at their site! You won't regret it.



well this is what i missed last night...fuck.


The Strokes - Taken For a Fool

The Strokes new album 'Angles' came out on Tuesday and it's nothing earth shattering good. I do enjoy the album and really enjoy 3-4 tracks on it. Here they are playing one of the better tunes off the album 'Taken For a Fool'


Really loving the new Kurt Vile Record too.

Smith Westerns

This is my favorite band right now.


DMB Caravan: Atlantic City Stop

Well, I will not be attending the AC festival. But I do like the setup and style of the DMB Caravan festival. The price at $200 is a reasonable one, I was thinking it would be 250. I hope that will be the price for every festival. It seems like each fest will definitely have their own feel to it. It would be great to see Flaming Lips, Marley, Bassnectar, Dr. Dog, Grace Potter, Lotus...but other then that, MEH! OAR is a complete joke...I have no desire to see David Gray with 50,000 people...However I like the Dave and Tim set, I like TR3 playing and Carter with Stefan guesting on others acts. I assume that will happen at every fest. Here's hoping to the NYC show having a much better line up. Give me some Mumford and Sons, Robert Randolph, Umphrey's Mcgee...fuck I would rather watch the Mclovins play then OAR.


DOM in Northampton

DOM kicked off their spring tour with a last minute hometown show at the Iron Horse on Saturday in Northampton. On a whim I decided to attend with a few friends. DOM started 10 mins early and played a very tight 45 minute set to friends and family in attendance. DOM shows are a lot of fun, everyone was dancing on the floor and really into all of the music. It was great being in their hometown amongst the people that knew the band the most. A chant for drummer Bobby K was started by the crowd at one point. I doubt that happens anywhere else.

Their new material sounds really polished and is catchy as fuck! I'm telling you, DOM is going to blow up in '11 even more so then they did last year...that is if they want to. Living in America is still their anthem and forever will be, it's such a feel good song and was one of the best songs from last year. These guys have perfected their live show while still maintaining their party image. Wavves sucks live compared to DOM. After they finished what seemed to be a new Happy Birthday anthem DOM yelled 'Alright! Lets get fucked up! Party at my house' I think he was serious...we would have checked it out if we didn't have to drive all the way back to Hartford. I am so glad we decided to make it out for the show, it was a blast and DOM are cool dudes. Hope to see yall soon. Have a great tour.

Here is a small clip I took during the show of Bochica


Childish Gambino Touring

If you don't know about my man crush on Donald Glover then you have never read this blog. He is one of the most talented guys in a league of his own. He is taking his comedy/rap show on the road for his IAMDONALD tour. I was at the first ever Childish Gambino show in NYC this past summer. It was dope. I am looking forward to seeing how far Donald has come in a year. Tickets are now on sale for all of his shows. Be sure to check him out, you will not be disappointed.You can catch me at the Boston show with my girl. He has a new EP coming out in two days. Just do us all a favor and follow his blog over at IAMDONALD.com Thats where I get all my swag from.



Email Update - Berman1125@gmail.com

I would just like to let everyone know that I have fully switched over to g-mail instead of hotmail. I don't know what took so long, just to lazy to switch all my accounts over to my new email I suppose. So if you have me on an automated mailer, please change my email to the new one, Berman1125@gmail.com Thanks!


Mother Fucking B.O.M.B Fest

Holy shit... I did not see this coming from BOMB fest. The line up is so dope! What an improvement over last year, and two days will make this an official festival. Kudos to everyone involved with making this happen in Connecticut. There will be a lot of people from NYC that will take the train up and that will help our local music get recognition by people that would otherwise not come to CT. I can not wait to see all of these bands! The festival will take place in Danbury this year, at Western's festival grounds. Early bird tickets are on sale now you can grab them for $89 RIGHT HERE.  Check out more info about everything at their website. RSVP HERE.



Tiny Desk Concert

Local Natives blow my mind. If you don't know about them yet, you are a lost cause. Here they are playing for NPR offices.


2011 So Far

I have been doing a lot of traveling this month so that has given me tons of time to listen to new material, but not a lot of time to blog about it. So far I have been listening to Cloud Nothings, Toro Y Moi, Cut Copy, Tennis, James Blake and Smith Westerns. Cut Copy's new album 'Zonoscope' has floored me. This could have staying power like Toro y Moi last year and Beach House. Zonoscope is dancy, catchy, retro, just perfect. I was blown away after my first listen and it has been getting constant play since. I just want to dance every time I put it on.

I also really like the new Smith Westerns LP 'Dye It Blonde'. They really nailed the right tone for that album. Whatever they are using for their electric sound works out perfect for them. They are going to blow up this year. I really enjoy the new Tennis album despite it getting some beatings on the internet. It's a minimalist album...it's just so soothing to me.

Cloud Nothings and Toro y Moi had two of my favorite albums from last year, but I fear they may have hit the sophomore slump. Cloud Nothings album is still good, overall their lyrics are too repetitive. Their new song Should Have does kick major ass though. Toro teased me with two amazing new tracks 'New Beat' and 'Still Sounds' the two videos I posted before this. They are instant pop gems that I can't stop listening to. The only problem is, they are the only two tracks on the album I am completely in love with.

People have some serious hard ons for the James Blake album, but I don't see it. Maybe I'm not deep enough or I need to listen to it a few more times, but I'm not sold on him. There is one song that I really like on it. 'Wilhelms Scream' is a great track. Well I am off to the Dirty D for the weekend, download this playlist! It's what im jammin to.

Best of 2011 Playlist http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LLCO0S6P


Still Sounds

Our favorite musician from last year has a new album coming out in February. 'Underneath The Pine' is his new effort and instead of the sampling electro we loved in the first album, he keeps the chill factor around while getting a fuller sound with a complete band. Chaz is showing us that there is a hell of a lot more to him that turning some knobs and pressing buttons, this man is a class act musician. He also seems like the coolest fucker on the planet...I will be seeing them this spring, after two failed attempts last year. Here is the music video for Still Sound. Super retro, I love it. Oh ya, and if you are wondering...my dance skills are about as good as Chaz.

'New Beat' has been floating around the interwebs and now has a video as well. Enjoy these two and be sure to pick up the album.

Toro Y Moi "Still Sound" {Official Video} from stevedanielsfilms on Vimeo.


Best Coast - Letterman

Best Coast is doing the whole late night run, they stopped by David Letterman for a perfoance of Each and Everyday. Beth mentioned before going on that she was very nervious. The song seems kinda rushed...like the band wanted to play it in 30 seconds to avoid messing up. They still pulled it off though. Oh, plz marry me Beth. Thank you


PS22 Covers Ariel Pink

Wow. These kids are amazing....I think this is my favorite cover they have done


NC Trip

Sitting at my Dad's dealership on a computer screen that is bigger then my TV in my room. I'm talkin 32'' HDTV. Pretty dope. It's going to be a long drive but I have weed, movies, and Zonoscope.

Have a nice weekend, ill be at the NHL Allstar Game.


Matt & Kim - Cameras

This is my favorite Matt and Kim song. Funny video too.


DMB WILL Play in 2011

It's official folks, DMB will be playing music for their fans in 2011. They will not be touring the country, but according to DMB's Website they will play shows this year. Here is what we know so far.

'2011 is our 20th anniversary as a band and we want to celebrate by playing music together.  While we are still taking the year off from touring, we have decided to plan four multi-day, multi-artist music events that will take place this summer.  We will be sending out save the date emails and announcing more information soon but we wanted to share the news with our fans first.'

HALLELUJAH! Looks like this could be a mini DMB festival. The rumored venues are SPAC, Alpine, WPB, and The Gorge...See you this summer yall!

Local Music Alert!!!!

We are in for a treat tomorrow night. John McCauley and Ian Oneil of the great band Deer Tick will be performing at Daniel St at 8pm. The show only runs $10 but is 21+. If you don't know anything about them (shame on you). They have a very twangy, grungy-folk vibe. John's voice has some Bob Dylan qualities to it. Opening for them are The Shivers, from NYC. I really don't know too much about them, but from what I was listening to on their myspace...they sound really good! 

The real reason for making it out to the show is for Heirlooms. They are a Hartford based band that looks to make some moves in 2011. Jesse Stanford started the group on his own. Friends were joining in, adding their input and small touches to the songs...now they have a 5-piece band and a four song EP. You can download the EP for free HERE. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band this EP is an impressive debut. They seem to be very subtle, placing just the right textures in the right spots. They kind of remind me of Fleet Foxes, which is one of my favorite bands. Really excited for this show! I hope to see yall there tomorrow, be there early Heirlooms is on first.

Coachella '11



Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are one of my favorite bands. They had a kick ass first album that made #5 on our albums of 2010 list, and have a self titled album coming out at the end of January that you can pre order here. These guys know how to rock. I saw them last year in New Haven, I was deaf for 3 days. 'Should Have' follows the same successful formula that you will find on their first record. I can't wait to get the new one, and hopefully see these guys again this year.

Cloud Nothings - Should Have (Live) from Nick Dierl on Vimeo.



Donald Glover on Conan

For those of you that don't know...Donald Glover is my idol. Just look at that pimpin suit.


Colleen Green

Colleen Green has gotten a mention here once before. Her song 'Worship You' is reverb drenched bliss. Catchy tunes that sound very Dum Dum Girlsish, turns out they are friends via twitter. Colleen has gotten around to setting up a bandcamp page, you should check it out right HERE. Look to see her name popping up more frequently in 2011.

Colleen Green - Worship You by berman1125


Best Coast - Jimmy Fallon

Best Coast stopped by NYC yesterday to pay a visit it Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They performed Boyfriend. Beth you looking better then ever gurl!


Shell Games

Bright Eyes is getting back together and there is a lot of hype surrounding their return. Their new album 'The People's Key' is said to leave the folk behind and be much more of a rock album. I'm looking forward to what Conor has in store for us,  I hope it's a dark album. There is a lot more electric which you hear on our first look at the new album. 'Shell Games' is heavy with electric guitar riffs, not the fluffy acoustic we are used to hearing. There is a touch of synth in there too, just the right amount. I really like the sound of this track even though it is very different then anything from Conor. I am looking forward to this album coming out. Free Download http://www.mediafire.com/?swehx58i6se5eo0


It's On

2011 is on bitches. I had this shit blastin when midnight hit. Donald Glover for life. My New Year resolution, back to hittin the blog. I can't leave you hangin on the first! Download this now. Happy New Year