Toro Y Moi Remixes Tegan & Sara

The song 'Alligator' has been remixed 17 times. This is Toro Y Moi's remix...it's awesome, just like everything else he does. Still bummed about not being able to see him in Boston. But enjoy this remix. I also attached a live video from Toro Y Moi from the Brooklyn show. It's shot through disposable 3d glasses, wavy man.

Listen HERE
Free Download ----> HERE

Love: Whose Songs are Dreams in the Human Mind // Toro Y Moi [Part 1 of 2] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

Monsters of Folk - 'Dear God' Music Vid

Monsters of Folk have one video for the song 'Dear God' already, we wrote about that before. It was a contest winner that was chosen, now here is the official video....my favorite song off the album.


Bostoned Pt.1 Recap - PPalm, Toro Y Nah, Beach House

Boston and I have a love/hate relationship...I hate the red sox and everything that has to do with Boston sports, also, the people of Boston are for the most part d-bags. However I do love the look and feel of the city. It's very beautiful, vintage, classy, and represenitive of our roots as a country. The music scene in Boston is second to none in New England....so naturally I am drawn to that too. I headed up Friday night with some friends for fun in the city.

Saturday was the Toro Y Moi and Ruby Suns show at The Middle East Upstairs. We found out via twitter that Toro Y Moi's stuff had been stolen at the show in Brooklyn and would have to miss the show...we were crushed. 'Causers of This' is my favorite album of the year and to be able to meet Chaz would have been perfect! It's okay he will be back in May, I will not be missing it! We showed up for the opener PPalm, local Boston electronica man. He is one of the Macbook artists that sing over bass heavy dance beats that they created. He has the Washed Out vibe going for him, and the crowd was feeling it. We stepped out for a smoke and then walked into a nightmare. Whatever the hell was playing on stage was atrocious. Some acoustic folk girl that was way out of tune on guitar and even worse with her voice. This plus the fact we couldn't see Toro had us so in the dumps...we left the show before Ruby Suns came on. I'm kind of ashamed of myself but I was pissed. We headed back to CT Sunday morning, I had to work.

I get home after two sleepless nights in Boston and take a long hot shower. Then got on twitter. Beach House has 5 guest passes for their show in Boston. First five to respond got free passes, I was the fifth response. The only way to salvage the weekend was to drive straight back to Boston to see Beach House for free. My friends already had tickets...boys night out! I called out of work and headed back to the bean. Beach House was amazing...(if you don't believe we were there, check the pics.. we are in a few of them)...We found our way to the front row all the way to stage right, it was the perfect spot to see Victoria Legrand rock out on her keyboard. The band didn't even sound real, thats how good they sounded live. Absolutely flawless, identical to the records but played with more passion. Victoria's hair was all over the place as she kicked the ground to the drum beat of every song. They played everything you wanted them to and was even able to snag the setlist. I then drove back home to CT, for the second time that day.

All in all the weekend was a success. Toro Y Moi will be back in May, and I got to see Beach House thanks to Beach House...plus got the setlist! Boston I'l be back to see your fine ass on Thursday...Dum Dum Girls and Girls @ The Paradise...see ya then!

Thanks to http://slyke25.tumblr.com/ for the pics and vid...get job!


Family Forest Records - Cults

There isn't much information to be found about this duo from New York. Cults does have a 7 inch vinyl that will be the debut release for new label Forest Family Records. Gorilla vs Bear teamed up with Weekly Tape Deck to create the label and are now giving Cults self titled debut a proper release. The lead single 'Go Outside' is a must grab. I can't get enough of group tribal vocal chanting..and this song does it perfectly. The glockenspiel belling along with the echo y vocals make this one of the catchiest songs I have heard in sometime...Just can't stop whistling it.  I pre ordered the bright yellow 7 inch vinyl this morning...but you can download the tracks for free via Cults bandcamp site. Follow on Twitter --->here

Listen and Download for FREE...Cults debut HERE

Wilco - Blogotheque

Yet another amazing frenchy take away show, this time with Wilco. 'Country Disappeared' is off their self titled released in 09..Now back to bed

Wilco - Country Disappeared - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.



This week is a biggie folks...I'm heading up to Boston for the Toro Y Moi and Ruby Suns show Saturday night at The Middle East. I'm going up a night early for some devilish fun in the city with alllllll my friends. It should b a great time and I'm really looking forward to chill(waving) with everyone in the city. Then I will be heading back up to the bean on Thursday to check out the Girls show with Dum Dum Girls! I made a playlist for the ride up...and was kind enough to place it in a .zip file for you to enjoy...grab it, ya know if u dig music.

Here's a screen shot of most of the playlist...soo just get it okay
Free Download----> Bostoned.zip

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

I presume there will be lots of 'Drunk Girls' in Boston tonight!

This song is getting some love but a little more hate on the internet...I think its a rather jaunty tune that reminds me of North American Scum. I dig. ya dig?

Dudes Cover Morning Benders

The Morning Benders new album 'Big Echo' is one of my favorites of the year so far. We did our write up for it in February HERE. The song 'Excuses' has been stuck in my head since hearing it for the first time. The song does have a spot on Oxygen Ashtray's Best Beats play list and deservedly so. Reading twitter this morning I came across a link from We All Want Someone to an amazing cover of 'Excuses', it is extremely well done and is a must watch. Enjoy!


Delorean - 'Subiza'

Delorean is a Spanish synthpop group from Barcelona, Spain. They have very dance heavy beats fit perfectly for an all night rave at da club. Their debut EP 'Ayrton Senna' got a lot of internet love last year, and they plan to release their debut LP 'Subiza' June 8th via True Panther Sounds. You can get a hold of the tracks now by pre ordering the album HERE. By doing so, you get a free digitial copy of the album 3 months before it hits stores. I gotta say, jamming to this album on the ride into work today got me all antsy in my pantsy for the warm months to come. When this album drops in June it will be the perfect summer soundtrack. You can hear the lead track 'Stay Close' below and also check out Delorean's Myspace

 Video should be watched via acid


Laura Marling - 'I Speak Because I Can'

This blog loves Laura Marling. One of my first blog posts was about her. She is a stunningly beautiful young folk singer from England who's debut album 'Alas I Cannot Swim' sends chills down my spine. New Romantic and Ghosts are perfect tracks. Her new album has just hit stores and 'I Speak Because I Can' shows a more mature Marling. 'Devil Spoke' is the lead track and it's exactly how you should open this album. It starts off lonely and slow, then builds to a much faster pace with a lot of acoustics (love the banjo). I first thought it would be hard to top the debut and I don't this this album is better as a whole then Alas....but Laura did succeed in making a very strong sophomore album. She continues with the struggle of being an independent woman, being in relationships and how to be comfortable in her own skin. Her voice and lyrics carry the weight of a woman who has been through a lot...oh wait...she's 20. Rumor has it, she's already working on her third album.

Buy the album 'I Speak Because I Can' Here

Phoenix Release Free Live Album

Phoenix is such a kickass band. Every album is pop perfection. Their latest release 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' has blown up beyond comprension and the song 1901 was a staple for 2009. Keeping it cool, they are now giving away a FREE live album from Sydney. Their live sound doesn't change too much from what we hear in studio...but why mess with something that is already perfect?

Tracklisting for Live in Sydney:
01 Lisztomania
02 Lasso
03 Fences
04 Girlfriend
05 Armistice
06 Love Like a Sunset
07 Rome
08 1901

Free download of the album ------------>HERE



It's coming...

GAYNGS debut album 'Relayted' in stores 5-11-2010. Pre-order from Jagjaguwar on 4-20-2010 and receive an immediate download of the entire album.

The Gaudy Side of Town (NC-17) from GAYNGS on Vimeo.



Spring is officially here

It's far too nice to be inside blogging...get outside and dooooooo something!


The Big Chill Soundtrack - The Chillest

Admittedly I have not seen the movie 'The Big Chill' but the soundtrack that goes along with it, is flawless. It's filled with old school Motown classics by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and a lot more. It's like a greatest hits record of all the amazing songs to come from this time period. 
These artists shaped a generation of music with a lot of heart and soul that will go untouched forever. Prominate basslines, easy chord structures, and a call and response type of singing that comes from gospel. It really speaks to me in a very honest way, laying it all out on the table. I am also lucky enough to have this record on vinyl, which just adds to the richness of the music. This album was meant for vinyl. Do yourself a favor, go get this record. If you don't have a record player...at least download it, 100% worth it.


Bonobo - 'Black Sands'

I didn't know anything about Bonobo until last week when I was listening to records at a friends house, they had his last album. Then cruising the internet the other night, I saw his new album 'Black Sands' leaked and it's really really good. It reminds me of Emancipator, this is what I found out about him via soundcloud.

'Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with his fourth, most eagerly-anticipated and most accomplished album to date, the magnificent 'Black Sands'. Green proves once and for all with 'Black Sands' that he is an artist and producer with his sights set on much higher prizes than to rule any dusty subgenre of dance music. This is a record of epic reach and massive emotional pull, all held together by Green's understanding of composition and arrangement of live instruments (most of them also played by him) as well as his complete mastery of the tricks and techniques of the digital age. 'Black Sands' is the most contemporary record he has ever made.'

This is an 11 minute sample of different sections of the album
Bonobo 'Black Sands' Album Mini Mix by Ninja Tune


How To Make It In America

The new HBO series 'How To Make It In America' has the sweetest opening credits I've seen in some time. The song is so dope, I had to find it. I thought it would be an older tune, maybe from the 70's but it turns out 'I Need A Dollar' is a fresh track for 2010! Aloe Blacc has a new album coming out TBD at some point this year. It's called 'Good Things' and the 12'' single vinyl featuring 'I Need A Dollar' will be released in April. Check out the show if you haven't too, it's labeled as Entourage but with average people instead of famous celebs. Oh and Kid Cudi is in it.

FREE DOWNLOAD of the song 'I Need A Dollar'  HERE

Dum Dum Girls 'I Will Be'

The Dum Dum Girls are a indie pop rock group out of LA made up mostly of Kristin Gundred but she has added friends to bring her material to the stage. They have a bunch of tape compliations, but their debut LP  is due out at the end of march via Subpop records. The album leaked on the internet yesterday, and I must say that it's a little more polished then their older lo-fi stuff

Check out their Website or Myspace for more info. They are opening up for Girls April 1st in Boston. I will be there with some pretty cool doods, very exctied.


Happy Birthday - Self Titled

The debut self titled Happy Birthday album is fantastic. Garage pop perfection in my book, the songs are super catchy and guitar heavy...every song is fun. 'Girls Fm' and 'Subliminal Messages' are my favorite tracks...I have seriously been singing 'Subliminal Messages' in my head for an entire week. You can pre order the cd/lp that comes out tomorrow via Subpop HERE...and download the two tracks below

Happy Birthday - Subliminal Message by berman1125

Happy Birthday - Girls FM by berman1125

She and Him - 'Volume Two' Hits Internet

This was our last post about She and Him...and now NPR has the stream of the new Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward album. It's filled with a lot of songs that bring you back to the hay day, reminds me of listening to vinyl...OH WAIT!, that's right now...for those of you that don't know, I picked up a record player last week and I am in love...but that's another post for another day.

Stream the entire 'Volume Two' album @ NPR or see what Rapid has.

New Ariel Pink - Best Song Of The Year?

Alright, I'm not really sure what is up with the album cover, but this track is straight fire. LA based power pop team Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti released the track 'Round and Round', the lead single off their new album and it's taking the internet by storm. It is up there for my favorite track of the year right now..I'd say its retro lo-fi...an awesome pop song. Check it out and let me know what you think.

This song earns a spot on the OA Best Beats Playlist.

Free Download----> HERE


New Neon Indian Track - 'Sleep Paralysist'

Neon Indian dropped a new song for us over the weekend. Not too long after the new MGMT track was leaked either...'Sleep Paralysist' is co-produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and it sounds a lot like Neon Indian's debut album...which means its fucking badass. The song does have more of a studio feel to it, more of a finished product. The only thing I don't get is the Mt Dew Green Label...who the fuck wants Mt Dew???

Listen to and Download the track for free in the embed box below....enjoy :)

Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist by berman1125

MGMT Drops New Song - 'Flash Delirium'

The new MGMT song 'Flash Delirium' is getting mixed reviews on the interwebs...but I dig it. It's a crazy song, with a lot of different shit going on, kind of like the album cover. Ben Goldwasser of MGMT told Spinner that the new song will not be a single off the album, but that they thought it would be a good way to entice people to listen to the entire record.

Listen and Download the track FOR FREE below, just hit the little arrow to dl
MGMT - Flash Delirium by berman1125

The Wall Street Journal Covers Chillwave


The WSJ writes about how chillwave came to be and what the future could look like for chillwave artists


PS22 Chorus Covers Phoenix

The PS22 Chorus is an elementary school chorus from Public School 22 in Graniteville, Staten Island. It is comprised of 60-70 fifth-graders, and is directed by Gregg Breinberg. Students are assigned to the chorus after an annual auditioning process at the beginning of each school year. Here they are playing Phoenix's first song 'Lisztomania' off their hit album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix'.


Tweefort Records

Browsing around one of my favorite blogs CTIndie I came across a link to Tweefort Records. They are promoters/distributors based out of New Haven and are now considered a free digital net label. They book local shows, and give away free digital singles, EPs and LPs. It's refreshing to know that there are people in CT that want to find and promote good local music. Hartford and New Haven both have emerging music scenes. It takes hard work, persistence, and the want for good music to come to and come out of CT... This is more about what I found on Tweefort.

'Tweefort Records promotes local, national and international pop music by booking shows and releasinag free digital singles, EPs and music compilations. Tweefort pairs state and regional bands with touring acts in order to foster a greater appreciation for pop music in the New Haven, Bridgeport and Southern and Central CT areas. We believe Connecticut needs more pop music!
Embracing a DIY ethic and a broad definition of the term “pop,” Tweefort books, promotes and releases a wide variety of music — from punk pop, rock, powerpop and psych to folk, twee and pure indiepop.
Tweefort was inspired by the indiepop scenes of cities such as Athens, Ga., Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Boston and the annual pop music festivals that take place around the country and world to begin to build a cohesive pop following in Connecticut. We believe our location — between New York and Boston and surrounded by college and university campuses — can make the greater New Haven area a destination for pop bands.
We also believe that building a scene begins at home. First and foremost, Tweefort strives to promote Connecticut pop bands. Connecticut has a number of talented bands that would benefit from coming together, promoting each other and playing with acts from across the country and the world.
Tweefort is about bringing bands together, forging connections and exposing people to great music.'

You can view and download their six releases HERE. The album that I picked up this morning was Women's Basketball 'An Octopus, But Like. An Octopus With Massive Wings and Junk'. How can you NOT want to download an album like that? It's pretty enjoyable, messy, funny, very catchy, lofi pop that for the price of free, I can't complain about.

Be sure to also check out their newest release the 'Home and Abroad Vol 2' compliation. The first cd hosts all CT bands, while the second cd features bands outside the Nutmeg State. FayRay and Slam Donahue played the release party in Feb. Here's the rest of the info on the good cause.

Tweefort Records Homepage
Facebook Page
Myspace Page

The National Debut New Song on Fallon

It's early, so I'm not writing much. Plus I have a shit load of music to get to over the next few days. Watch The National debut their new song 'Terrible Love' on Jimmy Fallon last night. It's off their new album 'High Violet'. I am really liking it, and you should too.


Small Black/Washed Out - The Warehouse

Saturday night was the hiiiiighly anticipated Small Black and Washed Out show @ The Spaghetti Warehouse in Hartford hosted by Hartford Party Starters Union. I had a fucking blast, whereas our friends over @ Yeah Develop thought the show was lame. Maybe it was the fact I was hanging out with friends for the first time in a while...just dancin with them was fun enough. However I will agree that the turn out was lackluster, and the way things were run at The Warehouse was not very favorable (charging $7 to under 21, when not advertised). There was the 1 lonely bartender, and a manager that helped when he felt like it...things got messy waiting 5+ just to get a beer. However the music, the music was bumpin.

First I want to comment on the space that is The Warehouse. Very cool place to have a show. There was tons of room and the lighting was perfect. Picture Plane surprised me, I figured he would just be a DJ playing his Macbook, but he was very into his music and his beats were really headnodd inducing.

Small Black took stage around midnight and are a legit band. Juan Pieczanski is the fucking man, and really can play bass. 'It's a chillwave meltdown' muffled lead singer Josh Kolenik after the bands most well known song Despicible Dogs. Small Black also joined Washed Out about halfway through his set. It really helped add the punch that was needed to make Washed Out a good live act. Washed Out closed the set with one of the best songs of '09 Feel It All Around. All in all, it was a good time. Talking with Small Black and Ernest Greene after the show, they are very nice guys and were happy to be in Hartford. Can't wait to make it to another party.


She & Him - 'Thieves' and 'In The Sun' Video

We mentioned She & Him will be releasing a new album 'Volume Two' out March 23 (here). 'Thieves' is a wonderful track that sounds like it should be listened to via AM radio, or dusty record player in the attic. It's such a pretty song, it makes me sad but in a very happy way. I like how it explodes into a orchestra like ending, something we have yet to see from the duo.

Listen to the track HERE
Download the track HERE

UPDATE: Yes, this is a repost of a few days ago...but I didn't feel like making a new post for the video.

Here is the video for 'In The Sun' off the new She & Him album. The video is precious. A playful 50's style highschool love fairytale, Zooey is just so damn cute! She dances and skips while M. Ward looks cool texting and playing guitar in the hall. The album will be filled with this nostalgic old school twangy folk feel to it. Can't wait! Watch the video below

Toro Y Moi - Talamak Video

Toro Y Moi has my vote for best album of the year (so far). 'Chillwave' is in full affect for 2010 with acts like Neon Indian, Memory Tapes, Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, ect getting more attention. The music has a very heavy dance beat to it. With tons of synths, tons of keyboards, and lyrics that just float. I've been wanting to right a review for the Small Black/Washed Out show...just waiting for some photos and video. You can read the rest of what I had to say about Toro y Moi's album 'Causers of This' Here. Checking him out in Boston at Middle East Upstaris...soooooo fucking pumped for that

Here is the new video 'Talamak' from Toro Y Moi's debut album 'Causers of This'. Straight baller shit right here. The video is like the music, very sunny and very dreamy. I love the imagery ...beautiful nature shots, being with friends and shooting fireworks. Put this album on and go for a hike, bring some green inspiration. Thank me later.


Watch Vampire Weekend Play SNL

Here it is folks, Vampire Weekend returned to SNL to perform two tracks off their new album 'Contra'. They played 'Cousins' and 'Giving Up The Gun'.


2010 - The Year So Far

The decade is off to a great start in the music department. A few friends and I were talking today about our favorite albums of the year so far, I decided to put together a little list. Here is OA's Top 20ish Albums of 2010. I can't get enough of the efforts put out by Toro y Moi, Beach House, Local Natives, and Morning Benders. They are all really amazing albums from start to finish. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you want to check out any of these artists.

Toro y Moi ~ Causers of This
Beach House ~ Teen Dream
Local Natives ~ Gorilla Manor
Morning Benders ~ Big Echo
Harlem ~ Hippies
Tallest Man On Earth ~ The Wild Hunt
Yeasayer ~ Odd Blood
Emancipator ~ Safe in the Steep Hills
Magic Man ~ Real Life Color
Vampire Weekend ~ Contra

Frightened Rabbit ~ The Winter of Mixed Drinks
Gorillaz ~ Plastic Beach
jj ~ no. 3
Jonna Newsom ~ Have One on Me
Spoon ~ Transference
Four Tet ~ There is Love in You
Owen Pallett ~ Heartland
Happy Birthday ~ Happy Birthday
Los Campesinos! ~ Romance is Boring
Hot Chip ~ One Life Stand
Javelin ~ No Mas
Broken Bells ~ Broken Bells
Asura ~ Asura
Hot Chip ~ One Life Stand


Freelance Whales

'Freelance Whales found one another in late 2008, in Queens, amidst a strange amalgam of unfamiliar instruments, and precariously arranged pop songs. Using whatever musical gadgets they happened upon (mostly harmonium, banjo, glockenspiel, synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, waterphone), the five members worked at crafting songs with interlocking rhythmic patterns, lush textural layering, and an engaged group-vocal energy. The result is their debut LP, weathervanes, whose songs work at evoking a sense of dislocation, or sensory disorientation. They invite the human spirit to exit the body, if only for brief moments. Freelance Whales can be spotted in the streets and humble venues of New York City, and in due time, elsewhere.'- Source

Very busy, lots of music to be played...just picked up a record player so I have been listening to a lot of old vinyl the past few days, but Freelance Whales is what has been running my ipod today. Their debut album really is amazing, and I'm just too lazy to write up what was summed up perfectly over at Last.fm. These guys are noisepop and it's awesome. Just ordered their debut record on vinyl along with a slew of other new music on vinyl. But that is another post for another day...Check out Freelance Whales @ their Myspace, or buy the album Here. DL hurr

Gorillaz - 'Plastic Beach' NPR Stream

The Gorillaz burst onto the music scene back when MTV actually played music. They were a virtual band with cartoon personalities. You remember the huge hits like 'Clint Eastwood' and 'Feel Good INC'. Well they are back, with their first album in five years. 'Plastic Beach' is due out March 9, but is now streaming over at NPR. The album is full of electronics, dub hip hop beats, lots of synth and brass...it's got that signature Gorillaz vibe to it.

Head on over to NPR to stream the entire album.
 Also check out the new video for 'Stylo' HERE


Small Black/Washed Out - The Warehouse 3/6

This Saturday The Hartford Party Starters Union is hosting yet another banger at The Warehouse in the Hartbeat. Tanlines, Washed Out, and Small Black will perform. To say that I am excited doesn't even begin to explain how much fun this show is going to be, not to mention the company in which I will be enjoying it with. It's going to be soooo chill. Doors open up at 9 and it costs 5 bucks. Tickets can only be bought at the door, it's 18+ so get down there!

Washed Out and Small Black have an EP out together in which they remix each others songs. Check it out before the show.
 Check out The Facebook Event Page for more info.

UPDATE: Tanlines couldnt make it...Picture Plane will replace them!

FEEL IT ALL AROUND from Northern Lights on Vimeo.


Tegan and Sara - Blogotheque

Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie-pop/indie-rock duo. They are also lesbian identical twin sisters. Pretty original if you ask me. They released their sixth album 'Sainthood' last year. In my opinion, it's their best work to date. OA ranked it number 23 on the year's top album list.

La Blogotheque, our favorite Frenchy website, posted their session with Tegan and Sara this morning and I posted it below. Enjoy :)

Tegan & Sara - Alligator - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Tegan & Sara - Feel It In My Bones - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Tegan & Sara - Nineteen - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The Tallest Man On Earth - "King of Spain"

Tallest Man On Earth (aka Kristian Matsson) released his first album, 'Shallow Grave', in 2008 and followed it up with a supporting gig for Bon Iver. The folk singer is now gearing up for the release of his second album, 'The Wild Hunt', due out on April 13th. The lead single 'King Of Spain' is filled with the same raw emotion and acoustic strings that made his first record a success. Listen to the track below and download it for free. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Update:This album has just leaked on the interwebz!!!!!!!

Tallest Man On Earth - King Of Spain by berman1125