DMB - The Last Stops - Albany

Dave Matthews Band took their show to Albany on Friday night. The show was my 'golden show' as dmb fans call it. It's when your show number and age are the same. This was my 22nd show, and I'm still 22! I was hoping for a special set to call my 'golden' show, but we did not receive that. Sitting in the GA was tough. I love being so close to the band (we were about 5th row right in front of Boyd) but we were so crammed in there, it was hard to dance. I saw the little guitar on stage and that means it could be Shotgun, Sugarwill, Idea of You...but I knew it was going to be Squirm, its a popular opener, and it's a pretty bad one in my opinion. Shows that start with Squirm tend to start slow and this show did.
You Might Die Trying was the second song of the night, it's not my favorite either...this was also my 10th time seeing the song, so I'm tired of it. I will say this though....this was the best version of YMDT that I have ever seen....Dave's scat during the outro was fucking awesome...my favorite scat of the night, actually. Don't Drink The Water was 3rd up, my 9th time seeing the song. It's a song they have down perfect, it doesn't change much, but gets the job done. I would have rather heard something different, but this wasn't a bad choice. Lying In The Hands is the best live Big Whiskey song, they really jam it out now to almost 15 minutes. Jeff Coffin and Carter run this song, they are really unbelievable. The band kept it going with Crush, a song that seems to follow me around, this was 9th time seeing it, and I love it every single time. Then Dave decided to kill the mood by playing Seven and then So Damn Lucky which I am so damn sick of. They have been playing this same outro for 3 years now, and it's time for this song to take a rest. It was my 10th time seeing this song too, which is a bummer. Then, the highlight of the show for me was I'l Back You Up. It was the first song Dave ever wrote, and it was the first time I have ever seen it performed. A very touching moment for me. It was also the only song of the night that I got to see for the first time.
Great choice by the boys to keep the flow going with #41 next, it was also my 10th time seeing this song, something I will not complain about because this song is so good. It ran less then 10 minutes long with no real jamming except a little bit from Boyd. This song is top 5 for me, so I'm really glad that it is among my top songs heard. Shake Me was next, which is high energy and they seem to have finally figured out how to play it without rushing. It served as the perfect smoking song...turns out I should have waited for the next turd, Cornbread. Ive been to 22 shows and have now seen this song 15 times...PLEASE STOP PLAYING THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! This version sucked too. The rest of the show, really picked up. Thank God.
The band brought out Sam Kininger for What Would You Say, which was very reminiscent of the way Roi played on this song. This version was pure fire and a top 3 moment of the night for me. It was only my 2nd time seeing the song. Screaming MOM ITS MY BIRTHDAY with everyone was really fun. I must say the crowd my section was pretty into it, going crazy when Boyd did anything. Jimi Thing people tend to hate on, but it always gets a nasty jam from everyone, and Sam stayed out to do some Sax dueling with Jeff. Ive seen this song 10 times now too, I am ready for a break from it honestly, but I will enjoy it every time they decide to play it.
Spaceman was a mood killer that should have been subbed out for another song. It could have been any song from the big 3 and I would have been happy. It was just the wrong song in the wrong spot. Next, however was the perfect placing for The Song That Jane Likes. My highschool art teacher was at the show tonight and she said before the show started she really wanted STJL and I was shocked/so happy they played it. It's really represents what early dmb is all about. Next, I saw the 12 string come out and I figured it would be the set closer and I was praying for Last Stop. They played Grey St (again for my 10th time) but I do love this song. The end is a frenzy and everyone jams hard on it. I thought it could close the set, they do that from time to time and in my opinion its not a song worth closing the set with. Instead they stayed out, and played Watchtower. This song first so perfectly in the set closer position more then the encore closer spot, its not even funny. I really enjoyed this version with a nice intro by Fonz and Dave's voice was on for the FIIIIRE outro.
The encore started with just Dave. He played Rye Whiskey, and when Dave hits those high notes, I get shivers! Love this song when he decides to play it. Next they played You and Me. What a bad choice for an encore song, almost any other song would have been better. It was so slow and the crowd was begging for something more! Throw Granny in there! Thank god after that disaster I saw the 12 string come out. I knew what was coming...The Last Stop. The scheduled closer was Tripping Billies, but there was a sign in the audience for Last Stop that Dave acknowledged a few times during the show saying 'just wait, just wait'. Me and about one other guy around me knew as soon as we saw the guitar come out what we were getting and then the band unleashed the beast. I havn't seen this song since Hartford 06 and that was the show, and it was that song that really made me become obsessed with this band. I was so happy to finally hear it after such a long wait. Everyone plays perfectly on this song, I only wish I could have heard more Boyd. Carter's build up right before going into the outro is so intense and then it goes into the most beautiful slow outro with Dave singing lightly over top of it. What a moment, one that I will never forget. The band dragged it out until there was nothing left, Dave thanked everyone and it was time to go home.
Overall this show was great to the average fan and it was a good time no doubt. However there were a lot of songs that I have seen too many times for my liking...5 or 6 songs that I have already seen 10+ times leads to a not so epic show for me. However seeing I'll Back You Up for the first time was a real treat. It was also only my second time seeing What Would You Say, (that's a shame, it should be played as much as cornbread) Song That Jane Likes, and The Last Stop. One of the best parts of last nights show was the lighting. This is by far my favorite lighting set up done by the band. I hate having huge TV screens behind the band. This tour, there are lights everywhere and the lighting rig overhead is always on the move, very very impressed sir Fenton. I am expecting much bigger and better things to come from the setlists in Boston, MSG, and Cville. Cheers everyone, talk to you after MSG! PS. Sorry I dont edit my posts, I dont care what you think.