PS22 Covers Ariel Pink

Wow. These kids are amazing....I think this is my favorite cover they have done


NC Trip

Sitting at my Dad's dealership on a computer screen that is bigger then my TV in my room. I'm talkin 32'' HDTV. Pretty dope. It's going to be a long drive but I have weed, movies, and Zonoscope.

Have a nice weekend, ill be at the NHL Allstar Game.


Matt & Kim - Cameras

This is my favorite Matt and Kim song. Funny video too.


DMB WILL Play in 2011

It's official folks, DMB will be playing music for their fans in 2011. They will not be touring the country, but according to DMB's Website they will play shows this year. Here is what we know so far.

'2011 is our 20th anniversary as a band and we want to celebrate by playing music together.  While we are still taking the year off from touring, we have decided to plan four multi-day, multi-artist music events that will take place this summer.  We will be sending out save the date emails and announcing more information soon but we wanted to share the news with our fans first.'

HALLELUJAH! Looks like this could be a mini DMB festival. The rumored venues are SPAC, Alpine, WPB, and The Gorge...See you this summer yall!

Local Music Alert!!!!

We are in for a treat tomorrow night. John McCauley and Ian Oneil of the great band Deer Tick will be performing at Daniel St at 8pm. The show only runs $10 but is 21+. If you don't know anything about them (shame on you). They have a very twangy, grungy-folk vibe. John's voice has some Bob Dylan qualities to it. Opening for them are The Shivers, from NYC. I really don't know too much about them, but from what I was listening to on their myspace...they sound really good! 

The real reason for making it out to the show is for Heirlooms. They are a Hartford based band that looks to make some moves in 2011. Jesse Stanford started the group on his own. Friends were joining in, adding their input and small touches to the songs...now they have a 5-piece band and a four song EP. You can download the EP for free HERE. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band this EP is an impressive debut. They seem to be very subtle, placing just the right textures in the right spots. They kind of remind me of Fleet Foxes, which is one of my favorite bands. Really excited for this show! I hope to see yall there tomorrow, be there early Heirlooms is on first.

Coachella '11



Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are one of my favorite bands. They had a kick ass first album that made #5 on our albums of 2010 list, and have a self titled album coming out at the end of January that you can pre order here. These guys know how to rock. I saw them last year in New Haven, I was deaf for 3 days. 'Should Have' follows the same successful formula that you will find on their first record. I can't wait to get the new one, and hopefully see these guys again this year.

Cloud Nothings - Should Have (Live) from Nick Dierl on Vimeo.



Donald Glover on Conan

For those of you that don't know...Donald Glover is my idol. Just look at that pimpin suit.


Colleen Green

Colleen Green has gotten a mention here once before. Her song 'Worship You' is reverb drenched bliss. Catchy tunes that sound very Dum Dum Girlsish, turns out they are friends via twitter. Colleen has gotten around to setting up a bandcamp page, you should check it out right HERE. Look to see her name popping up more frequently in 2011.

Colleen Green - Worship You by berman1125


Best Coast - Jimmy Fallon

Best Coast stopped by NYC yesterday to pay a visit it Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They performed Boyfriend. Beth you looking better then ever gurl!


Shell Games

Bright Eyes is getting back together and there is a lot of hype surrounding their return. Their new album 'The People's Key' is said to leave the folk behind and be much more of a rock album. I'm looking forward to what Conor has in store for us,  I hope it's a dark album. There is a lot more electric which you hear on our first look at the new album. 'Shell Games' is heavy with electric guitar riffs, not the fluffy acoustic we are used to hearing. There is a touch of synth in there too, just the right amount. I really like the sound of this track even though it is very different then anything from Conor. I am looking forward to this album coming out. Free Download http://www.mediafire.com/?swehx58i6se5eo0


It's On

2011 is on bitches. I had this shit blastin when midnight hit. Donald Glover for life. My New Year resolution, back to hittin the blog. I can't leave you hangin on the first! Download this now. Happy New Year