DOM in Northampton

DOM kicked off their spring tour with a last minute hometown show at the Iron Horse on Saturday in Northampton. On a whim I decided to attend with a few friends. DOM started 10 mins early and played a very tight 45 minute set to friends and family in attendance. DOM shows are a lot of fun, everyone was dancing on the floor and really into all of the music. It was great being in their hometown amongst the people that knew the band the most. A chant for drummer Bobby K was started by the crowd at one point. I doubt that happens anywhere else.

Their new material sounds really polished and is catchy as fuck! I'm telling you, DOM is going to blow up in '11 even more so then they did last year...that is if they want to. Living in America is still their anthem and forever will be, it's such a feel good song and was one of the best songs from last year. These guys have perfected their live show while still maintaining their party image. Wavves sucks live compared to DOM. After they finished what seemed to be a new Happy Birthday anthem DOM yelled 'Alright! Lets get fucked up! Party at my house' I think he was serious...we would have checked it out if we didn't have to drive all the way back to Hartford. I am so glad we decided to make it out for the show, it was a blast and DOM are cool dudes. Hope to see yall soon. Have a great tour.

Here is a small clip I took during the show of Bochica

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